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Dance provides the opportunity for students in Grades 9-12 to develop aesthetic sensitivity and experience intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth through movement. Students observe, respond, create, and perform using the body as an instrument to communicate feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Through exploring dance concepts, students demonstrate critical thinking skills and core values as well as develop personal integrity. Dance education fosters positive student interaction and an appreciation for diverse points of view, while establishing strong human bonds which transcend racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic barriers. The sequentially developed program presents a broad cultural and historical perspective, providing unique opportunities for cross-curricular connections.


Dance Objectives and Artistic Processes

             Creating                                               Performing                                         Responding

     The process of conceiving and                               The relating of artistic ideas and choices                     The synthesis of meaning, context, and 

   developing new and personal ideas                         through interpretation and presentation.                           process as it connects to dance.

                  through dance.


Dance Disciplines

Technique – Classical ballet, modern, jazz

History/Terminology – History, cultural connections, vocabulary/terminology

Composition/Choreography – Creative movement, improvisation, revision, exploration, risk-taking, experimentation, reflection, critiques, research, artistic intent, choreographic forms

Production/Performance – Lighting design, music editing, areas of the stage, costumes, stage make-up, projection, performance qualities, audience etiquette, kinesthetic/spatial awareness, ensemble/solo, technical skills, leadership qualities, accountability, recall, apply correction, portfolio development

Concepts – Barre procedures, across the floor, floor-work, vertical alignment, turn-out, spotting, head/tail connection, fall and recovery, contract and release, use of breath, dynamics/energies, isolations, opposition, syncopation, flexibility/strength, warm-up/cool down

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